Himalayan Salt House

Located in industrial zone of Pakistan’s biggest city Faisalabad, Himalayan salt house was formally established in 2019. This relatively new small-medium size factory contains modern facilities. employees over 50 staff & finest artisans. Its current facility offer 15 contains per month.with offices in Pakistan and UK, strong supply change and established international base clients, the company is uniquely positioned to provide innovative and finest quality of products which can compete in international market and conforms to international safety standards. Its products already available across UK & Europe.


Industry Experience- 8 years
Quality Experience - 5 years
Creative Services - 2 years

Message From The Founders

Although we have been trading over 15 years, we started exporting salt products 6-7 years ago. Prior to the factory we have been exporting salt products by sourcing these products from various small and large manufacturers of salt products across Pakistan. It was painful experience as most of these manufacturers lacked discipline, time management, quality and commitment to meet customer satisfaction and international standards. This motivated us to start our own manufacturer unit where we can produce & deliver class leading products without compromising quality. We invested heavily to build modern facilities attracted finest artisans across Pakistan and formed an exceptional and skilled team to meet the demands of international customers around the globe. Customer satisfaction, communication and quality are among our core values. Our office in UK is at front of customer satisfaction in which UK EU customers can discuss their bespoke designs, get regular updates about their order and discuss any potential issue in person or over phone without worrying about time zone difference and trust deficiency. We are laser focus quality and flawless execution to exceed our customer’s satisfaction.